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Eight Tips to Make You Fall Asleep Easier

You need to be well energized to be able to perform your best during workouts. Lack of sleep is a serious issue that cannot only lead to unhealthy habits, but to chronic heart disease and diabetes! To help ensure you are getting enough rest at night, here are eight tips to make you fall asleep easier.

  1. Lessen naps during the day.

To fall asleep easier, you need to feel tired. Daytime naps sometimes disrupt your sleeping pattern, causing you to stay awake in the middle of the night and wake up with a feeling similar to jet lag. To avoid this, limit your naps to 15-20 minutes. You will be able to rest during the day while being tired enough to crash onto your bed at night.

  1. Avoid caffeine in food at night.

Caffeine may be good to consume before a morning exercise, but at night, it only serves to keep you awake. Watch out for the amount of caffeine in everything you eat or drink – even caffeine in chocolate is enough to hinder your zzz’s!

  1. Don’t eat heavy food before bed.

It is not a good idea to overload your digestive system right before you go to sleep. Make sure to eat an hour before going to bed and to keep your meal light and satisfying.

  1. Don’t drink too much before bed.

A glass of water should be enough before going to bed. Drinking too much liquid guarantees you more trips down to the bathroom, which will wake you up rather than easing you into sleep. Additionally, mind what you drink! Alcohol may make you tipsy, but once its effect wears off, you may be stuck thinking in bed for hours.

  1. Wind down before bedtime.

Aside from physical exercise during the day, some people practice yoga right before going to sleep. This practice clears your body and mind before you drift off. There are even certain stretches that you can do on your bed!

  1. Clear distractions.

Put your mobile phone and gadgets away. Keep lights to a minimum. If you have a clock, refrain from looking at the time every so often. Hide your clock from plain sight. Counting the hours of sleep you will get before even falling asleep is just going to make you more anxious.

  1. Read fiction instead of self-help books.

If your bedtime routine consists of you reading a few pages of a book before dozing off, read fiction books instead of self-help books. It eases your stress and takes your mind away from your current problems; you will have some pretty interesting dreams, too!

  1. Don’t overuse sleeping pills.

Sleeping pills have various side effects such as diarrhea, daytime drowsiness, and changes in appetite. Use these pills to a minimum – opt for more conventional ways to aid in falling asleep, such as breathing exercises.

These tips may help you in your quest to find a good night’s slumber; however, these are not concrete solutions. It is up to you to find the perfect way for you to get some rest. Even if you are stuck counting sheep, you just have to keep trying.


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